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Brooker’s Powder Coating for Bicycles

Portland, Ore. – Pinky Gets a Powder Coat is a short
documentary/infomercial about how my sister got her tired looking bike repainted.  Actually, the frame and fork were powder coated — a different process than painting — which involves baking a very durable plastic-like coating onto steel, aluminum, and other metals.  

Powder coating has become very popular option for giving new life to motorcycles, bicycles, car parts and other metal items like lawn furniture.

Brooker Enterprises specializes in powder coating.  Find out more at or drop by 3714 SE Powell in Portland (503-236-2565 ).  This video was produced by in association with for Brooker Enterprises.  Video and music by Dan Kaufman.

Formats available: MPEG4 Video (.mp4)

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