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Cyclocross Crusade Finale – There Will Be Mud

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Hillsboro, Ore. – The final race of the Season for River City Bicycle’s Cyclocross Crusade earned double points for the riders and you could tell by the way they were racing. Both the women’s and men’s category A races were very competitive with several lead changes each.

It was a fast and level course at the Washington County Fairgrounds but water from last weeks rain created a monster-slog section through the rodeo arena. I was able to cover the entire course on my bike and decided to ditch the tripod for the Men’s race and really concentrate on following the leaders as much as possible.

I pieced that footage together to create start-to-finish race video of the Men’s category A race and I’m interested to hear what you think about this type of coverage. Please make a comment on the video.

I want to thank River City Bicycles for sponsoring this video (not to mention being the title sponsor for this series and owner Dave Guettler came up with the title of the song for this video). My eternal gratitude and respect goes out to the Cyclocross Crusade promoters, sponsors, and all the officials from the Oregon Bicycle Racing Association.

Video, Edit, and Music – Dan Kaufman

Here are the results for race 8:
Cat A:
1 Kevin Hulick Vanilla Bicycles
2 Sean Babcock Team S&M
3 Molly Cameron Vanilla Bicycles
Women A:
1 Rhonda Mazza Team S&M
2 Wendy Williams River City Bicycles
3 Emily VanMeter River City Bicycles

And the Cross Crusade/OBRA Cyclocross Championships:
Cat A
1 Jason Sager
2 Sean Babcock Team S&M
3 Chris Sheppard HPChrio Bike n’ Hike Giant
Women A
1 Wendy Williams River City Bicycles
2 Emily VanMeter River City Bicycles
3 Rhonda Mazza Team S&M

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Cross Crusade 7 & SSCXWC – Steam Powered

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Portland, Oregon – Apparently the Halloween Races in Astoria was not enough insanity for this year’s Cross Crusaders. After some excellent traditional cyclocross racing at Portland International Raceway the bike-fun crowd went wild for single speed.

Thousands of spectators watched as Sue Butler took away honors for the women’s A racers and the prize for unofficial women’s single speed world champion. Men’s SSCXWC honors were awarded to Drew MacKenzie who hails from the Great White North. Prizes included a Vanilla SpeedVagen, a Pereira Cycles custom frame not to mention gold Speedos and required championship tatoos. Also, Raleigh Rainier frame went to the Sit-Up Champ.

Special mention goes to Ryan Trebon of Bend who won the men’s A race, and the regular single speed race. Trebon, a top cyclocross racer, was told he had to win all three races in order to take the SSCXWC. He may have been handicapped on the raceway, as well.

The song “Steam Powered” was written especially for this race.

Music and Video by Dan Kaufman
Video Sponsored by Bob’s Red Mill

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Halloween Cyclocross Crusade 2008

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ASTORIA, Ore. – If you didn’t bring a costume to last Sunday’s Cross Crusade race you may have placed better but you also got heckled. The weather was perfect for camping, outrageous outfits and two days of racing at the Clatsop County Fairgrounds.

Video, editing, and original music by Dan Kaufman. Additional Footage by Eric Todd Keeney.

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A Cyclocross Crusade Halloween Sasquatch Detour

PORTLAND, Ore. I have three videos for you today. The first by Todd Keeney at Cross Crusade Race #2 in Wilsonville. Well be heading down to the Halloween races in Astoria this weekend and hope to see you there. Otherwise, stay tuned for another Halloween cross video later next week.

The second video is footage of Sasquatch, regarding the Quest for The Grail and the final video is a ridiculous detour request in Vancouver, Washington.

Music for the Villebois Race is by Todd Keeney and friend. The music at the end is Whistlestop by Roger Miller.

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Cyclocross Crusade – Alpenrose 2008 – "Why You Double Crossin’ Me?"

Portland, Ore. – As promised, the first race of the Cross Crusade was wet and muddy.  There were a record number (1263) participants at Alpenrose Dairy with loads of fans and plenty of wipeouts for them to watch.

I wrote the song Double Crossin Me just for this race and had blast syncing it up to the dirty footage.

Next scheduled cyclocross video is for the Halloween race.  Contact me if you are interested in sponsoring a race/music video dan at- pdxk com.

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