Let’s Go Ride Pedalpalooza

Portland, Oregon is well known for two things:
Bikes and Bands.

pp2013Pedalpalooza, an event that started small and dreamed large, is now arguably considered the largest pedal party in the world.

Three hundred bicycle events taking place over 3 weeks and including such epic rides as the World Naked Bike Ride, make this the ultimate bike event of bike events.

If bikes are the bread of Pedalpalooza, bands and the music they bring are the butter.

All The Apparatus is a band that must be seen live to fully appreciate.  The 11-piece ensemble creates a symphony where you don’t politely clap; you stomp your feet and bounce your booty.

So it makes sense that they mash up so well with bikes and Pedalpalooza.

Actually, they are Pedalpalooza.

And, you can be too.

We made this video for you.  Yes, you.  To help create bikey fun.
Because we need more of it.
So gather your friends, form a ride or help a ride out.

Without a doubt, we can create best bike and band summer ever.

ride on.

Create your own bikey fun event at Shift2Bikes.
The deadline for the printed calendar is Midnight Wednesday May 22. Events added after that might not be in the printed calendar.

i n f o ______________________________________
music event: All The ApparatusLet’s Go Ride Bikes – Live at Mississippi Pizza
bike event: DJ Rhienna – PrePedapalooza Mashupa promo for Pedalpalooza on Shift2Bikes.
footage : Dan Kaufman , Zed Bailey

edited by : Zed Bailey


  • zedbailey May 8, 2013 at 3:45 pm

    Would love to read some feedback. Share the rides you are leading. 🙂 mine is @ http://8bitbike.blogspot.com

  • Marlon May 8, 2013 at 10:15 pm

    Great job.
    The video does an excellent job of capturing the counter-culture bike riding experience in Portland and invites the viewer to be part of the experience.

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