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Open Bike Rolls On March 20

Over the last two months we’ve enjoyed – and shared via live stream — stories of adventure and passion, songs for the love of bikes, films about mini bikes to tall bikes, and some sweet music jams. We want more!!!
Our next Open Bike Open Mic is Wed., March 20 at VeloCult 1969 NE 42nd Ave. Social hour and sign up at 7 / Open mic @ 8 / Music jam @ 9. YOU BRING IT: Music, film, spoken word – and whatever else you want to share with a live and virtual audience. If you can’t make it in person, tune in to our live stream right here at 8 PM.
Until next time, check out this clip from our “Best of Open Bike” featuring Andy Schmidt singing about hot moms on cargo bikes and Tall Bike Jesus.

CMC Live – Naked Bike Ride Flaming Lips Video at Mt. Tabor

The Flaming lips are shooting a video up in Mt. Tabor park from 10am-10pm. It’s a naked bike ride video. We’re hauling up the disco trike and setting up the live feed. Let’s hope we can get a good signal and not violate the terms of the Stickam service agreement to badly. Join in virtually and say hello.

Recording from the webcast – It’s very choppy because of our connection issues:


We had a blast up at Mt. Tabor park and it’s still going on (as far as I know). The broadcast was a surprisingly a bit choppy due to the location and we almost got shut down on cause we showed butt cracks on the first take. I thought that would be okay.

The ranger didn’t like the butt cracks either. He forcefully said, (and I’m paraphrasing), “put on bottoms or we’ll put on handcuffs”.

He felt that FL were pushing the limit of their permit with the park. Ya think?

I think if the city wants more Naked Bike Ride movies and the massive budget$ behind them they need to lighten up. Who hasn’t seen genetalia in the Portland park before, anyway? 😉 Eww, it sounds nasty that way. Well, it was actually quite beautiful today.

In the first scenes the band leader, Wayne Coyne, was carried around by (TEAM BEER) John Howe’s trike in a in a big plastic ball (fully clothed) above the crowd of 120 or so naked (and later topless) riders. I was concerned that he was going to roll off the zip-tied milk crates that were holding him up and down the hill, but several strong Portland Cyclists prevented catastrophe during each take. By the look on his face I’m not so sure Wayne was convinced of the safety on his self-designed contraption.

Wayne says he’ll get naked later in future scenes.

It was (and is) a perfect day for a naked bike ride video. You can still ride up and let the Flaming Lips exploit your body or catch the video at some later date.

You Can’t Fool All the People All the Time

Downloadable .mp4 version
I wrote this song in the darkest days of Republican scorched-earth domination.

Abraham Lincoln’s wise words were finally shown true last night with the overwhelming support of the American people for Barack Obama.

I hope I never hear the term “real Americans” or red state/blue state again.

My hope is that our leaders have moved away from the deceptive and divisive politics of the Bush era.

But if they don’t, well “you can’t fool all the people all the time”.

Video and Music by Dan Kaufman

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Cyclocross Crusade – Alpenrose 2008 – "Why You Double Crossin’ Me?"

Portland, Ore. – As promised, the first race of the Cross Crusade was wet and muddy.  There were a record number (1263) participants at Alpenrose Dairy with loads of fans and plenty of wipeouts for them to watch.

I wrote the song Double Crossin Me just for this race and had blast syncing it up to the dirty footage.

Next scheduled cyclocross video is for the Halloween race.  Contact me if you are interested in sponsoring a race/music video dan at- pdxk com.

Formats available: MPEG4 Video (.mp4)

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