Tall Bike Jesus Rides Bike Move

We can do it better by bike.

The Bike Move has been covered by the several news sources, including CNN  and has been featured on Portlandia.

But to appreciate the Bike Move you need to get on your bike and move a move.

It is a party in the streets, a team cranking pedals, turning gears and carrying unimaginable amounts of heavy items by that simple invention, the bicycle.

If you are in Portland, Oregon and would like to your next move to be by bike post the event on Shift2Bikes and announce your Bike Move a week in advance on the Shift2Bikes eMailing List.

T a l l  B i k e J e s u s Rides
is an exclusive CrankMyChain! series where Tall Bike Jesus rides various events, happenings and occurrences two stories above them.  Subscribe to the PDXKtv YouTube channel to be updated on all the adventures of Tall Bike Jesus and the Church of the Tall Bike.

Mark Gorton – Rethinking the Automobile

I recently traveled to the Oregon Active Transportation Summit in Salem, Oregon.  I was so inspired by the keynote presentation Beyond the Automobile by Mark Gorton (which I happened to videotape) that I wrote a commentary piece for The Oregonian in hopes that I could help spread Gorton’s liveable streets message beyond the choir and also to connect it to the local transportation policy debates around the Columbia River Crossing and free parking in Portland.

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