People on Bicycles Swarm Early Morning During the Occupy Portland Eviction

PORTLAND, Ore.- Saturday and Sunday several thousand citizens gathered to protest the eviction of the Occupy protesters camping in Lownsdale and Chapman Squares in downtown Portland.

Some protesters used bicycles as another means of demonstrators and a way to support and protect the camp. For several hours the protesters were able to peacefully block the local police forces that had been sent to clear the city parks. Mayor Sam Adams cited health and safety concerns as rationale for shutting down the peaceful protest which used the Occupy model of 24/7 camping as way to highlight fundamental problems in the government and economic system.

Many, like Tiago DeJerk featured at the beginning of this video, felt the protest was a success no matter the eventual eviction becuase of the turnout and its peaceful manifestation. Others, not shown, felt it was a failure becuase the campers were ultimately evicted, at least one was seriously injured (as well as one police officer) and many homeless were left without the support of the encampment, which had been providing comfort and food during the cold fall.

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