Porltand Bike Rush Hour on Hawthorne!

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PORTLAND, Ore. – I love collaborating with Clarence Eckerson, Jr. You may remember our Sasquatch video. We have a ton of fun talking shop and rollin’ tape. In this video are cool bike wheels, Clarence, Greg Raisman, Elly Blue, and bikey SE people (plus a brief shot of the Disco Trike rollin’ slow).
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The first time you visit Portland, Oregon, the gaggles of cyclists streaming over the Hawthorne Bridge during rush hour is a sight you will never forget. It’s something other cities need to see and be inspired by.

On a recent vacation there, I couldn’t resist cranking out a Streetfilms shortie, so I naturally hooked up with Crank My Chain’s Dan Kaufman to capture the essence of the PM rush and talk to cyclists about what it feels like to be a part of the mass of cyclist humanity in Southeast Portland, Hawthorne corridor. As Greg Raisman from Portland’s Bureau of Transportation pointed out: 20% of all traffic on the Hawthorne Bridge is bikes. And, Portland’s number of cyclists has risen 600% in the last fifteen years and shows no sign of letting up.

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  • MxJane May 4, 2009 at 6:56 pm

    Super positive video-neat.

    Build it and they will come. Agreed!

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